Supercharge your guest experience

Earn more with every guest with sponsored product placements

The Spree Host Network

You work hard to create a great experience for your guests. Together, we help you elevate their stay while earning you more.

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Top brands in your home

Our brands place premium products in your home for guests to experience during their stay. Your guests will love trying the latest products.

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Earn extra income

Earn money for every visitor that stays at your place. We pay by impression with variable rates depending on the item.

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It all starts with WiFi

Spree Connect is the first WiFi router designed for hosts, featuring incredible wireless performance while counting visitors to pay you.

Powered by Spree Connect

The first wireless router designed to give hosts superpowers

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Incredible WiFi

Superfast internet for every corner of your house with our advanced hardware.

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Guest Count

Know how many people are in your house anytime with Connect Sensing.

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Easy Login

No pesky passwords, Spree Connect works with an easy login portal for your guests.

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Manage Anywhere

Cloud-based management lets you configure and troubleshoot WiFi from antywhere.


  • How do I join Spree?

    Spree is currently in closed beta. Join our waitlist below to be considered for our beta program!

  • What brands are available to me?

    We allow brands to target based on location and demographic so the brands available to your home depend on your physical location and type of listing.

  • Do I pay for the products brands send me?

    Brands can choose either to heavily discount the item, send samples, or send the product for free. You'll always have a choice before purchasing if the product isn't free.

  • How does Spree pay me?

    We pay hosts based on the number of impressions they get on the products. This usually translates to the number of guests in your house during the product placement period.

  • What is Spree Connect?

    Spree Connect is our state of the art wireless router. A wireless router takes internet from your internet service provider and broadcasts WiFi so guests in your house can use the internet.

  • Do I need the Spree Connect to be part of the network?

    Yes, Spree Connect counts guests so we can compensate you based on impressions of the sponsored product. It also gives your guests rock solid WiFi coverage and tools for you to manage your home.

  • How much does the Spree Connect device cost?

    Spree Connect is included as part of your setup. We'll publish more details on this during our launch.

  • Does Spree Connect work with my existing internet service?

    Yes! Your internet service provider (ISP) brings internet to your house while Spree Connect covers your house with ultra-fast WiFi. We do not replace your ISP.

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