Be where your customers are

Spree works with brands to scale real world marketing with product placements in our network of Airbnb homes

Experience focused, data driven

Show, don't tell. Guests discover and use your product during their stay. Complete the story with online retargeting after.

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Ready for your scale.

A dozen homes or a thousand, we're ready. Create your target demographic and we will find hosts that match.

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Measure everything.

We measure guest impressions giving you unparalled insight into your marketing campaign.

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Retarget online.

Transition your campaign online with retargeting through our collected contacts.

Physical presence in a week, not months

Your product placed in thousands of vacation homes without you leaving your office

Create campaign

Create your campaign

Build your real-world campaign online and configure placement details including audience targeting, location in home, and length of campaign.

Hosts place products

Airbnb hosts place your product

We find hosts that fit your audience and get your product in their homes. Just ship your product to them.

Brand dashboard

Measure results and retarget online

Know how many people interacted with your product across all your placements. Follow up with guests after their stay through our online retargeting feature.

Let marketing with Spree be your superpower.

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Per impression pricing

Only pay for real guest impressions so you keep 100% of your earnings.

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Spree Hub

All your metrics in one place with tools to analyze, visualize, and export.

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Guest contacts

We collect contacts from guests that allow you to retarget them online after their stay to close the sale.

Feature 04

Real-world flexibility

Options such as displaying physical promotional materials or offering coupons let you customize your campaign.

Ready to build your real world presence?